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International Links

Glasshouses school along with Nidderdale High School and St Cuthbert’s primary school has established a partnership with three schools in Kenya; Mida, Mbarakachembe and Mzizima Primary Schools. Glasshouses partner school is Mbarakachembe school.

The headteacher at Mbarakachembe, Nicholas Mwangala, visited school along with his colleagues Kanundu Ngumbao and Silas Musinda in 2009 and school had great fun entertaining our guests, learning about school life in Kenya and learning songs in Swahili.

The partnership is part of the DFID Global Schools Partnership (DGSP) sponsored reciprocal exchange and has been running since 2009. The purpose of the partnership is to foster links between schools and focus on similarities and differences between the two regions and their communities. This is particularly useful in developing a wider awareness of how children's lives differ around the world and pays particular attention to five ‘Global Dimension Themes’ which guide pupils towards a better understanding of what it means to be a good global citizen.

Our children have established links with children in Mbarakachembe and they have worked together on projects such as making greeting cards as well as using School Council funds to buy footballs and other equipment for their peers in Kenya.

We have been sponsoring a child from Africa for a number of years. She has now finished her education and has gained a succesful place at a university.

We have now moved on to help another needy child.  Her name is Fatumata Buaro.  She is 7 years old and lives with her parents in the Bafata region of Guinea-Bissau on the west coast of Africa where Fulani is their spoken language.  She attends the local primary school some 30 minutes walk from her village.  Fatumata and her family have access to water from a well which is a round trip of up to 30 minutes away.  Her nearest health facility is over 45 minutes away.  Fatumata's family live in a house made of adobe with a metal roof and an earth floor.  Her father is a peasant farmer.

Fatumata BuaroFatumata Buaro

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